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An exclusive retreat in the company of successful heart-centered women entrepreneurs, away from all the distractions of your business. ~ Watch Video Below ~ 

A note from Isabelle & Margarita If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to build a company that makes a massive impact in the world… that also enables YOU to earn a multi-six figure income (or more) in the process - then there is a problem you must first solve. On this page, I’m going to share with you what the problem is, and how to solve it in two days.  

Firstly, the stats vary but it’s something like: “96% of all small businesses remain UNDER $100,000 in revenue.” That means the majority of small business owners will not generate enough money to become financially free in their lifetime. That also means they won’t make much of a difference in the world or leave a legacy to the following generations.  

The enemy of these well-meaning people’s success was not the design of their website, how many business cards they handed out, how many connections they had, or which networking meetings they attended. The enemy of their success had virtually nothing to do with marketing tactics or strategies… and the same goes for YOUR business.  

99% of success in business comes down to 3 little words OWN. YOUR. GENIUS.  

After Margarita and I built a 7-figure creative agency, acquired a portfolio of high-end dream clients, and after I did my first TEDx Talk (that ended up getting over 2 million views), those three words became crystal clear.  

Own your genius means you never ask permission to run your business how you want. If you want to take 6 weeks off with no contact, you do it… If you want to charge 5 times what your competition charges, you do it… If you want to fire a bad client, you do it. When you own your genius you are ruthless in your approach to get what you want and never apologize for your greatness.  

Entrepreneurs who own their genius, to me, are like rockstars. When they walk into a room people notice them and feel magnetized to them. Rockstar entrepreneurs emanate a sense of purpose without needing to say a word. It’s like there’s an invisible aura around them that draws new opportunities in.  

Rockstar entrepreneurs transmit a sense of certainty and authority to their prospects. When they give instructions to their employees or contractors, those instructions are followed and implemented. If a difficult conversation needs to happen with a client or a vendor, rockstar entrepreneurs set clear boundaries and lead the conversation.  

Which of the following have you felt before… 

  • Reluctant to follow-up multiple times to close a sale because you don’t want to look pushy or desperate?  
  • Like you’re imposing on your prospects when you send your marketing material?  
  • Uncomfortable to sell your service or product at double, triple, or quadruple the price?
  • Hesitant to say NO to clients who make unreasonable demands that were not in the original agreement or contract you made with them? 
  • Like you’re an imposter and a fraud that’s just waiting to be found out by your clients, prospects, and fans?
  • Angry that you allowed a client to walk all over you when it came to deposits, installments, payments, etc.?
  • Bitter and resentful that your competitors are earning more revenue than you are? 
  • Nervous and/or sick to your stomach to schedule a large speaking engagement or media appearance on a popular news outlet?
  • Afraid to approach and sell to big brand-name executives?
  •  Scared to have a hard conversation with a contractor, employee, client, or customer who’s acting out of line? 
  •  Wanting to get paid your true value?  

Now, let me ask you this…  

When you felt those fears, hesitations, frustrations, or blocks, did they prevent you from taking action? An even better question is: on a scale of 1 to 10 how “in alignment” are your actions to the dreams and goals you imagine for yourself? Your income and your day-to-day stress levels will tell you the answer to those questions.  

So you find yourself working harder and harder, trying to DO more and more, but then you feel you’ve reached a plateau - what if there was a way to easily step up into a whole new level of performance, income, and satisfaction with your business?  

If you’ve ever felt insecure about quoting a higher price to a client or approaching a big prospect or getting media coverage to take your business to a new level, you’re not alone.  

The main difference between the high-income, high-impact entrepreneurs and everybody else is this: successful people do it anyway… and they do it because they don’t question their genius.  

Your business’s revenue and your personal income will likely reveal how much you own your greatness.

Experience the transformative power of horse wisdom

Learn how to live by design, not by default, to become and remain the ROCKSTAR you were born to be.

Yes! I am so ready to own my genius & get paid my true value!



Do you have a clear vision of where you’re going in your life? Are you feeling unmotivated and uninspired? Have you discovered your greater purpose? Does your vision excite and energize you? Tap into your true inner power to live with more purpose and manifest your ultimate vision.  



What are you tolerating in your life that is draining your energy? Are you constantly doing what you’re supposed to do and expected to do, instead of what you want to do? Are you saying yes to every demand? Embrace your truth in the space of horse wisdom and identify your biggest tolerations to feel on fire and unstoppable. 



Are your fears holding you back from living the life you’ve always dreamed of? Are you afraid of going broke, wasting time, feeling inadequate, failing, or succeeding? Powerfully show up in your life by exploring what's holding you back AND what propels you forward. 



Are you being reactive rather than proactive in your life? Do you allow external factors that are out of your control to affect how you feel? Are you too busy dealing with the immediate demands of life to step back and see the bigger picture? Take control of your thought processes and responses. Learn how to live by design, not by default. Become the ROCKSTAR you were born to be.  

Countdown To Owning Your Inner Rockstar 


Are you ready to go from "MEH" to "HELL YEAH"?


  • Bust the #1 thing holding you back (to operate with more confidence) 
  • Tap into your true inner power (to live with more alignment) 
  • Powerfully show up (to live by design, not by default) 
  • Live your purpose out loud (to gain focus and work more profitably) 
  • Learn about the wisdom of the horse (to receive authentic feedback) 
  • Identify your biggest toleration (to feel on fire and unstoppable) 
  • Connect with other like-minded individuals (to share supportive connections) 
  • Determine your decision makers (to know and own what you stand for) 

You will not only be inspired by the process, you’ll also learn the pivotal shifts needed to feel ON FIRE + UNSTOPPABLE on a daily basis and how to set up a winning ritual that's engineered for success. 

This retreat includes:

2 Nights Accommodation at Trailblazers, a beautifully intimate, relaxed and inspiring equestrian property on Vancouver Island.

Transportation to and from Departure Bay Ferry Terminal or Nanaimo International Airport can be arranged.

Work hand-in-hand with Brand + Business Performance Catalyst Isabelle Mercier-Turcotte and Equine Guided Strategist Margarita Romano.

Join like-minded individuals from different walks of life to learn, create, and share in a magical space.

Transformative Equine Experiences with Margarita, Equine-Guided Strategist and the intuitive Trailblazers herd, to deepen and anchor your learnings and own your transformation. 

Horse riding experience is NOT necessary as all equine work is done on the ground.

Fresh, organic, locally grown delicious meals and snacks.

Besides great food in a great environment, expect countless belly laughs and hugs along with priceless connections.

Are you ready to rock?

Good! 'Cause we're in the mood to help you kick some serious butt!

October 25-26-27, 2019 Tuition: $2,497. Includes training, on-site coaching, equine guided breakthrough experiences, meals, and accommodation. (Value of $3,997) It’s a no-brainer. Your ROI will be nothing short of amazing! Only 7 spots available!  


We require a refundable $500 deposit to book a clarity call to ensure that this retreat is the right fit for you. 


There’s never been a better time to start owning your genius. And there’s never been a better resource to help you do just that. Now’s the time to take action, and Margarita, the herd and I look forward to welcoming you to Trailblazers!  


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"Within you right now is the power to do things you never dreamed possible. This power becomes available to you just as soon as you can change your beliefs."

~ Maxwell Maltz ~