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Join my uber valuable On-Demand Masterclass…

Get Paid Well

For Your Genius

Transform your brand and business into a fulfilling, profitable machine that makes life better for you and your clients.

Are you a business owner who works way too hard for way too little money?


Is it becoming harder for you to own a successful business that offers you time, money, and creative freedom?


In Fact...

Only 6% of all entrepreneurs EVER make it to 6 FIGURES.

More than 50% of all business owners on the planet NEVER exceed $25,000 a year.

And 50% of business owners FAIL within the first year of opening. Many others won't even make it to five years!

It pains me to see the reality of these stats and most importantly, I don’t want YOU to be part of ANY of these unfortunate statistics either! That’s why I've created this masterclass.

You're in for a treat!

I‘m Isabelle Mercier, Brand Positioning Strategist and Business Growth Catalyst at LeapZone Strategies and I am here to help you create more impact AND get paid well for your genius!

Here are a few reasons why this masterclass is

Worth Your Time & Why I’m The Catalyst You Want to Learn From:

I’ve created a 7 figure branding agency right out of my teens AND a 7 figure strategy, positioning & coaching agency.

I’ve produced & hosted the #1 Brand Positioning Online TV Show called LeapTV.

I’ve had the privilege of working with thousands of small, impactful and inspiring clients from all over the world.

I've also worked with some influential and iconic brands like A&W, IMAX, TEDx and HSBC just to name a few.

I am a two-time TEDx speaker with over 2.8 Million Views.

I won Entrepreneur of The Year and am one of North America’s Top Business Influencers.

Okay, now that’s enough flexing!

What I’m saying is, I’m great at what I do and there is a method to end this madness. Yes, I can help you and yes, I am a no BS kind of gal!

In my 25 years in business, I’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs and thought leaders around the world successfully elevate their brand and business so they can deliver their genius (services or products) with influence & impact.

My sole purpose is to empower change and growth. “Momentum Generator” is my middle name and I have a relentless passion (and determination) for helping entrepreneurs and thought leaders raise the bar and expand their comfort zone to create outstanding brand experiences and profitable businesses.

Now, If You Want To…

MAKE LIFE BETTER (for others and for yourself), create more FREEDOM and more IMPACT while generating more MONEY...then you better SAVE YOUR SPOT on this On-Demand Masterclass!

It’s Time for You to Know….

The #1 formula small business owners MUST have in place to succeed.

The 3 Major Warning Signs that indicate your small business is set up to fail in today’s economy.

How to ELIMINATE these warning signs.

3 Powerful Brand Basics - to ensure sanity, long-term success, AND financial stability.

How to avoid the rollercoaster cash flow.

How to uncover, define and establish your brand personality.

The Assessment Tool that will give you a score indicating if you’re set up to thrive.

How to fix your business snags and where to put your focus to up level things right away.

The 4 key-performance indicators designed to measure the performance of your business.

How to OWN your business and not have your business own you so you can be 100% present with your loved ones and do more of what you love!

Don’t be one of the 90% of small business owners who discount their services and end up working for way less than they are worth.

Don’t waste thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours of precious TIME on business and marketing strategies that don’t work. Treat yourself like you would treat a million-dollar client.

This Get Paid Well For Your Genius On-Demand Masterclass will teach you how to grow your business and brands, as well as design an architecture designed to thrive in any economy by becoming and remaining The First, The Best or The Only.

 Building a thriving business and impactful brand does not happen by accident. It gets created by design and I am here to help you do just that!

Here’s what some of the people we worked with have to say…

One of the best training sessions I have ever seen! A great holistic view on the requirements
for building a solid business and brand, without killing yourself in the process.
A total masterpiece!

~ Bruce Campbell

I have 100% confidence and now fully own that we are the best at what we do in our industry! And that alone is worth pure gold and real money in the bank!

~ Jeanna Gabellini

Having a team of experts at my fingertips allowed me to create a powerful alignment that made my business dreams come true!

~ Brenda St-Louis