OMG! It's finally happening...

...and even I can't believe it. My book Sitting On The Fence - How To Love Without Limits has been a 4-year birthing journey and it is now doing its magic into our beautiful world. 

The book is based on a love story - of how Isabelle and I came to be - and I am also using our story to share my realizations, learnings, and ideas about the power of love. Love comes from within and it is all-seeing. It is not "just an emotion" or something to rely on others to fulfill for us - it is a state of being. A big part of our internal make-up that allows us to connect and relate to people and things. 

This book will help you:

  • Examine your perception of love 
  • Expand your awareness of how you show up in your life
  • Explore your connection to love and deepen your fulfillment in your relationships  

Sitting On The Fence is a 10-part journey into love - Ten chapters that reveal learnings from my life that have profoundly formed my inner journey and will hopefully help you to honestly reflect on yours and the shifts you may want to embrace. 

It simply rocks!

"This book includes me, so I've actually lived this story...and...even I got totally immersed in it. Margarita made me cry and laugh out loud in the same sentence. 

The way she shares our life stories is funny and touching. I can't wait to get and officially read my very own copy!" 

~ Isabelle Mercier Turcotte

This year is the time to feel fully confident about who you are showing up as in your life. A time to feel on fire and unstoppable. 

As you read this book there will be things you already know and others that may trigger certain realizations because you are ready to explore them. My perspective on love enables me to live from an unbiased, all-seeing place - like I'm sitting on a fence and can see that the grass is green on both sides. I'm not saying that I know everything there is to know about love, and I'm still learning every day, but if what I have to share so far gets even one person living with a little more love than before they read this book, then that is a shift worth writing for any day.  

I am really looking forward to sharing this story with you and from the same token, I am also feeling very vulnerable. It is a big deal for me and I am grateful to have the opportunity to connect and share my insights with amazing people like you. Thank you for joining our celebration by ordering your own copy today.  

Sincerely, Margarita  

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